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If there is one thing you need to know about Tyler, it's that he is a very passionate person. He is passionate about people. He is passionate about community. He is passionate about love. This passion collides into the various projects he's is involved in.

_ Hospitality

Tyler has worked in hospitality for just under 10 years and currently oversees guest experience and community engagement at Loyal Coffee; a company he owns with 5 other community members. He also participated in opening The Principal's Office, a specialty coffee shop and cocktail bar in Colorado Springs. As a competitive barista, Tyler has been involved the global coffee scene and loves to connect with service professionals around the world. He believes that good hospitality is a major force of positive change in the world and through consulting he helps others create meaningful experiences in their restaurants, cafes, and businesses.

_ Poetry

For many years, Tyler has used poetry as a way to inspire his community. Through creative storytelling and passionate performances, "Poem Noise" inspires hope and a sense of purpose in the lives of those he shares with. Through poetry, Tyler shares his personal story in an honest and vulnerable while while encouraging others to do the same. He writes on spiritual exploration, purposeful living, peacemaking, and occasionally writes fiction narratives in poem form. 

While you can experience some of Tyler's poetry in written form, it is best expressed in live performances. This has been done in small living room readings, dive bars, and at conferences, with punk bands, hip hop artists, and college professors. All that to say, wether it's in a neighborhood basement or at a large conference, Tyler's Poem Noise is creative, diverse, and moves many different people.

_ Spirituality

For as long as he can remember, Tyler has lived a life immersed in Christian spirituality. Growing up with father and mother who fully embraced their role as pastors in their community, Tyler saw first hand what it meant to guide people on their spiritual journey. 

This inspired his involvement in a myriad of different faith groups over the years. He has participated in large mega churches and in small communities. Throughout his college years, Tyler traveled the world speaking and teaching in churches, prisons, and at various conferences. 

Tyler's diverse involvement in different Christian circles has led him to some simple expressions of faith.